RESIDENT 01-2020/ 06-2020

Jaume Clotet. What I Think (integral, La Capella 2019). Foto: Anna Izquierdo.



sóc artista provisional*.

Potser demà ja no ho seré, potser mai ho he sigut… (*a favor de lo visual 😉

Crec que sóc més bromista que artista, però adjunto el meu statement oficial en anglès per liar-ho tot més:

I intentionally take up the roles of the entertainer, instigator, stooge – inviting the audience to join me in the creation of the (comedy) act, and the search for a punchline. It’s in this process where the inherent absurdities and contradictions of the moment are drawn upon and emphasised; confronting and questioning the function of representation, and the role of humour within it.

I’m particularly interested in the shifting state of usership; exploring what the impacts are or could be on the producer and consumer now they are virtually indistinguishable from one another. I do this through using the language of the digital focusing on the increasingly familiar etiquettes and behaviours contained within the dominant self-publishing social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Està bé mix d’idiomes, de repente.

La Infinita ha confiado en mí para seguir desarrollando mi práctica e imaginario en su espacio.

Yo propongo un libro. Un libro que active un show. Un show que active un libro.

Let’s see…

Entre tu i jo, Entreteniment.

Jaume Clotet. Crush a Cabaret Internet. Foto: Dani Pujalte


Solo/Duo Exhibitions & Performances

2019     Come-dia. Espai Niu. Barcelona, Spain.

             Integral. La Capella (Art Nou). Barcelona, Spain.

             Perf Performance. La caixa Bianca. Barcelona, Spain.

2018     Bye Ball. Espai Angram & Instagram. Barcelona, Spain & Online.

             Re-Vistes. La Permanent. Lleida, Spain.

2017     Wifi Leaves. Bólit Centre d’Art Contemporani. Girona, Spain.  

             Wifi Leaves. Rad’Art. San Romano, Italy.

2015     NeoGroupie. Galeria SIS. Sabadell, Spain.

Curated Shows

2019     Cabaret Internet #4. Abaixadors10. Barcelona, Spain.

             Cabaret Internet #3. El Pumarejo. L’Hospitalet, Spain.

             Cabaret Internet #2. Abaixadors10. Barcelona, Spain.

             Cabaret Internet #1. Sala Vol. Barcelona, Spain.

             ReReply. Revista Concreta & A10. Valencia, Spain.

2018    @Boombboring Show. Loop Festival. Barcelona, Spain & Online.

Group Exhibitions

2019     Spread Mag Launch Party. Worm. Rotterdam, Netherlands.

             Géminis Seasons. Sala Apolo 3. Barcelona, Spain.

             Villa Rosita. Villa Rosita. L’Ametlla del Vallés, Spain.

             Wenteltrap. B53 Space. Arnhem, Netherlands.

2018    Tots els llocs parlen de tu. Sala d’Art Jove. Barcelona, Spain.

            Lace, Food & Drinks. El Cuarto del Recreo. Barcelona, Spain.

            Sky123. La Cera 13. Barcelona, Spain.

            Body & Games. Escola Massana. Barcelona, Spain.

2017    Sistemas de (auto)referencia. EtHALL Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

            Final Show BilbaoArte. Fundación BilbaoArte. Bilbao, Spain.

            Mesh Pavilion. The Wrong – New digital art Biennale. Online.

            Trece para una alteración. Sala Usurpada. Barcelona, Spain.

            Jasterflanda. Major 28. Lleida, Spain.

            GetxoArte 2017. Bilbao, Spain.

2016    Enésima Intempestiva. Àngels Barcelona Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

            “New”. ArtEZ. Arnhem, Netherlands.

            Tape Modern. Bar Tape. Arnhem, Netherlands.

            Nuevas Perspectivas. Infarto en Shangai. Barcelona, Spain.

2015    La Gran Il·lusió. Sala d’Art Jove. Barcelona, Spain.

            Cuerpo_Residuo. Festival Plaga. Barcelona, Spain.

            Biennal de Valls. Museu de Valls. Valls, Spain.

Residencies, grants and awards

2020     La Infinita Residency (L’Hospitalet, Spain).

2018     Sala d’Art Jove 2018 (Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain) Grant Production with Pol Olivé.

2017     Rad’Art (San Romano,Italy) and Bòlit Art Contemporani (Girona, Spain).

             Artist Residency with Clàudia Del.

             Fundación BilbaoArte (Bilbao, Spain). Artist Residency with Clàudia Del.

             Major 28 Residency (Lleida, Spain).

2015    Young Artist Mention Award. Biennal de Valls 2015.

            Sala d’Art Jove 2015 (Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain). Grant Production.

            Sound Exchange – Artist Residency in Copenhagen (Denmark)